Cookie: definition

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser on your hard drive or the memory of your computer, smartphone or tablet, where you navigate a website. Sites that use cookies may well identify the terminals in which cookies are deposited. These are mainly used to help you navigate the sites you visit because you do not enter your password each visit, saving basket on a merchant site or to offer content matching your expectations. Cookies have a limited validity: when it is completed, your information will be deleted.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to enhance your user experience to the maximum. So you do not have to retype your details each time you visit our site. We also use cookies to improve site performance by simplifying browsing and compiling statistics necessary for you content matching your expectations.

What are cookies used on our site?

- service cookies: improve your navigation between the pages of our site. They make you take advantage of certain features on our site (for example, reviews management). Most of these techniques cookies automatically expire when you close your browser as they are only intended to help you when you visit our site. If you have disabled cookies via the control panel of your browser, we recommend you to reactivate them to take full advantage of our services during your visit to our site. The service cookies we use are:
prestashop-XXXXX (used by PrestaShop to store all session information),
__lglaw (remember whether or not you accept the use of cookies),
popupdisplay13 (keep in mind the fact that you have already seen the video introductory animation to the site),
PHPSESSID (stores navigation variables).

- cookies audience measurement and monitoring of navigation cookies: they are used to collect statistical data, including traffic on our site. We can improve its usability by analyzing this data. The cookies used on our site may be filed by us or by third parties such as social networks or Google Analytics (visits counter) service. The Google audience measurement cookies we use are:
_ga (Google Analytics, identifies unique users),
_gid (Google Analytics, identifies unique users),
_gat (Google Analytics, limits the number of queries).

- other third-party cookies such as Google Maps and YouTube (for more information, visit the "Google Privacy Policy" and "Types of cookies used by Google" pages), Gravatar (used for comments - see "Rules page Privacy Gravatar") as well as connectors with social networks like Facebook or Twitter. For the latter, when the user is connected to a service using credentials, it allows the social network to keep cookies to remember his identity and ensure access to services up to that they expire. The user can delete these cookies and revoke access to these services by updating preferences on the chosen social network.

How long cookies are stored?

The cookies used by our site are valid for 12 months. After this period, we will seek your consent again through the display of the banner information.

Who is for the data collected?

Data collected through cookies placed through our site are intended only for ourselves as well as any third parties such as social networks where you expressed your consent.

How to disable cookies?

Audience measurement: it is possible to prevent their use by visiting

Setting your browser:

- Firefox:

- Chrome:

- Internet Explorer:

- Safari:

- Opera:

Using modules:

- Disconnect me

- Ghostery:

- Do not track me

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