BRÉHAT: weed control and high pressure wash

First machine is specifically designed to be hitched to the back of a tractor thanks to its three-point attachment. The machine uses the tractor's power socket and battery to operate.

  • Weeding hot water

  • High-pressure washing

  • Pump driven by force grab

  • Electric power by tractor

  • Range on minimum lift 1500 Kg

  • Available in 500 or 1000 Litres

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Hot water weeder - high-pressure hot or cold water wash pump.

Our design office has designed this versatile solution tailored to the needs of technical services. BreHAT, mounted on an agricultural tractor portage, provides the performance and versatility needed to maintain roads and municipal spaces.

We offer two models all in one to choose from: Bréhat 500 and  Bréhat 1000 (see technical description).



  • Weeding with hot water
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Tank 1000L
  • This machine operates using a tractor fit to wear 1500kgs on three points with PTO drive.
  • Possibility optional to work with 2 applicators
  • High-performance


Trimmer BRÉHAT can be turned up on 3 points, and combined with a tractor. It has two principle functions as below:

  • Weeding with hot water (1 or 2 posts)
  • Cleaning with high pressure with hot water (200 bar)

With a high pressure direct from the power take-off, the BREHAT allows to work with performances for weeding and for washing.

Longueur 175 cm
Largeur 850 pour la 500 / 1560 pour la 1000
Hauteur 124 cm
Poids à Vide 320 pour la 500 / 360 pour la 1000
Poids Chargé 820 pour la 500 / 1360 pour la 1000
Bruit 39 Db (+ Tracteur)
Chaudière 48 Kw Yes
Température Travail 120°
Alimentation 12 v
Transformateur 12/24 v Yes
Gestion Automat® Yes
Réservoir Fuel 33 L
Chaudière Régulation Yes
Purge Auto Yes
Feux Flash Yes
Enrouleur Auto Yes
Flexible 10 m Yes
Pompe PF Yes
Cuve 500 L pour la 500 / 1000 L pour la 1000
Cuve Anti Vague Yes
Contrôle Niveau d'Eau Yes
Lavage HP Yes
Pompe HP 175 bar Yes
Pompe HP 200 bar Yes
Arrosage Yes

Possible options

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  • 20m winder
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  • Rotary Nozzle Kit
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