MOLLEN: weed control vehicle


The latest Oeliatec model, here is the evolution of the success of Oeliatec the Mollen ArtiFlex.. Limited to 25 km/h, this vehicle does not require a special driver's license. It is possible to integrate a tray on the rear chassis in order to transform it into a real utility.

  1. Weeding hot water

  2. High-pressure washing

  3. Watering

  4. Hydro curage

  5. Rearview camera

More details

Mollen : a compact electric vehicle using environmentaly friendly weeding technology

The redesigned architecture around the Automat® which is the operating mode of 24 volt batteries, no noise, no danger, associated with no drinking water (rain, pool, drilling…) operate a a spectacular break with previous generations. Mollen allows an ecological weeding process perfectly efficient.


Mollen is a a multifunctional electric vehicle using ecological weeding technology.


  • Trimmer electric and self-propelled with hot water
  • Perfect visibility for a single operator with ramp thermo dynamics
  • The management of functions from the cubicle via AUTOMAT® touch and color
  • Chassis specially designed for evolution on the road with suspension Heavy Duty
  • Enhanced Braking
  • Drive axle electric traction high-traction with torque short
  • New generation Lithium batteries
Longueur 350 cm
Largeur 130 cm
Hauteur 235 cm
Poids à Vide 1 700 kg
Poids Chargé 2 200 kg
Bruit 32 Db
Chaudière 48 Kw Yes
Température Travail 120°
Alimentation 24 v
Gestion Automat® Yes
Temps de Charge 6 h
Réservoir Fuel 42 L
Chaudière Régulation Yes
Pompe à Régulation Yes
Purge Auto Yes
Feux Flash Yes
Châssis Skid Yes
Enrouleur Auto Yes
Flexible 10 m Yes
Pompe 420 w Oui
Cuve 500 L
Cuve Anti Vague Yes
Contrôle Niveau d'Eau Yes
Lavage HP Yes
Pompe HP 175 bar Yes
Démarreur Électrique Yes
Pusch Av/Ar Yes
Avancement à Régulation Yes
Arrosage Yes
Hydro-curage Yes

Possible options

  • Thermospheric Bell
    Thermospheric Bell
  • Thermo Dynamic Ramp
    Thermo Dynamic Ramp
  • Rotary Nozzle Kit
    Rotary Nozzle Kit
  • Pumping Station 140
    Pumping Station 140
  • Premium Contract
    Premium Contract
  • Safety Plus Contract
    Safety Plus Contract