The Binic has a water capacity of 500 or 1000 liters and can be controlled at low pressure or high pressure.

Oeliatec weeding is combined with an optional high-pressure wash function for 200 water bars.

  • High Pressure Wash Option

  • Varimatic Pump Low Hydraulic Pressure

  • Electric power by tractor

  • High-efficiency version 15 litres per minute

  • Exists in 500 or 1000 Litres

More details

Hot water weeder - low or high-pressure hot water or cold water washing pump.

Our design office has designed this versatile solution tailored to the needs of technical services. Attached to your vehicle, BINIC brings the performance and versatility needed to maintain roads and municipal spaces.

We offer four models made according to your choice: Binic 500 Low Pressure, the Binic 500 High Pressure, the Binic 1000 Low Pressure and the Binic 1000 High Pressure (see technical description).

Hot water weeder and optional high-pressure washing pump.


Electrical power by the Varimatic Low Hydraulic Pressure pump.


Available in 500 or 1000 litres.



The Binic is a machine that can be mounted on trailer or carrier carrying tools. The two main functions are available to the user.

  • Hot water weedy (1 or 2 stations or ramp);

  • High-pressure cleaner (200 bars) hot water (optional).

By taking direct on the hydraulic pump, the BINIC allows high work performance, both in weeding and washing.

Binic 500 / 1000 in High Pressure / Low Pressure


The Binic works with weeding spear on Potence, a boiler with hydraulic pump optimized "High Efficiency" and has a tank 500 or 1000  L.



Hot water weeder

  • Handling and versatility

  • Uses filtered rain water or recovery water

  • Silent in weeding mode

  • Start and stop device

  • Low fuel consumption / fuel tank 42 Litres

  • Hot water weeding 120oC

  • Consumption 4L/Min

  • Automat ® monochrome functions

  • Weeding spear on Potence

  • Weeding spear on HP 22.5m reel

  • Low-pressure or high-pressure washing pump

  • Hot water mode (3 levels) or cold water

  • Pressure up to 200 Bars

  • Double-gun pistol with pressure setting



  • High Pressure Wash

  • Opportunity to work with 2 applicators

  • Thermospheric bell

  • Kit washing panels

  • Watering kit

  • Stem

  • Second reel

  • Geolocation

  • Autonomous filtration station

  • Hydraulic ramp or lift


Nombre Poste 1 ou 2 Postes
Longueur 1400
Largeur 98
Hauteur 150
Poids à Vide 250
Température Travail 120°
Gestion Automat® Yes
Temps de Charge 6 h
Réservoir Fuel 42
Chaudière Régulation Yes
Pompe à Régulation Pompe varimatique basse pression
Feux Flash Yes
Enrouleur Auto Yes
Cuve 500 L /1000 L
Cuve Anti Vague Yes
Contrôle Niveau d'Eau Yes
Lavage HP option
Géoloc ALM Yes

Possible options

  • Gallows
  • Thermo Dynamic Ramp
    Thermo Dynamic Ramp
  • ALM Geo Localisation
    ALM Geo Localisation
  • Pumping Station 140
    Pumping Station 140
  • Premium Contract
    Premium Contract
  • Safety Plus Contract
    Safety Plus Contract