Weeding without pesticide using hot water

Also called burning water drop weed control, this method allows an efficient and ecological weed control with no pesticides what so ever. User friendly, the water is heated up to 115°/120°C then spayed on weeds. The weeds are then thermally shocked and killed.

This weeding process has become very popular due to its ecological aspect and is legitimized by European laws forbidding the use of chemical product by public institutions.

Pioneer in weed control using water, Oeliatec is in a constant progression. The company has become the number one alternative weed control company in Europe within seven years of existence. Oeliatec is constantly growing and developing its distribution network in order to have a more efficient response to its customers. The company partners up with professional and specifically trains them in order to have technicians dedicated to the maintenance of Oeliatec’s machines.

Ecological weeding machines by Oeliatec:

Developed by our R&D department, our machines use running water, rain water or even drilled water with no chemicals added. Our machines are tested and approved on the polluting aspects. Our machines run on electricity with rechargeable batteries which makes the machines silent and clean. All our hot water weed control machines are built to allow a simple use and real efficiency.

Principle of weeding with hot water

Pictures application

The hot water can be used for weeding and to project at about 10 cm above the plants. About 30 seconds later, the leaves are cooked and start to fall to the ground.